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The following items are the rules that help to make our functions so enjoyable and easy for club members to run.

1. Our President Bruce Carter and Col Wilton have copies of programmes going back many years which may assist with ideas for your activity and programme.

2. Here's a Check List for Programmers - The following should be included in the write up for the program:

  • Date

  • Contact Name

  • Phone Number

  • Meeting point or Venue

  • Meeting Time

  • Cost

  • Closing Date for Booking

  • Payment Date

  • Number Limit

  • Is it BYO or Licensed?

  • Any special information such as clothing, theme, difficulty etc, transport details, food type and availability.

  • Try to make the event sound as if you can not afford to miss it. Not all members have been there before. Highlight the special features. Remarks like "always very popular, book early" help.


3. The monthly meeting will be held on the 3rd Tuesday evening of the month upstairs at the Fraternity Club, Fairy Meadow.

4. The restaurant night will be on the 2nd Wednesday evening of the month.

  • Club or hotel bistros & restaurants may not be used for the Restaurant Night, but may be appropriate on other nights.


5. A very popular event for a Sunday activity is Bowls on the indoor greens at Warilla Recreation & Bowling Club and should be booked for one Sunday each month, where possible.

6. A Card Night should be booked for one Saturday night each month at the Bridge Club Hall. Bookings to be made through Col Wilton.


7. Events listed for the month will include a minimum of one local activity for each Saturday night and a daytime activity for each Sunday. An event should also be planned for Public Holidays, except Christmas Day. Good Friday and Anzac Day.


8. More than one event may be held on any day, either concurrently or at different times throughout the day.

9. At least one home function per month is to be included where possible.

10. Programmers are encouraged to include mid-week events in the program.

11. Additional to the above, extra events may be organised over extended periods of time, such as; weekends (or longer) away, overseas trips, etc.

12. The program must contain a variety of activities.

13. A contact name and phone number must be provided on the program for every event. That contact need not be the programmer for that month and need not even attend the event, but may delegate leadership to a member attending.


14. All costs, including administration costs of an event, shall be borne by all members and their guests attending the event.

15. Events, or activities within an event, may not be added to the program without the consent of the programmer for that month and /or the committee.

16. The program is to be lodged with the Editor, at least 2 weeks prior to the monthly meeting at which it will be delivered.

17. PROGRAM DETAILS are now entered onto our web site 

Our Program Editor, Darryl, would like the program details as soon as you have them (i.e. months in advance would be great) even if incomplete, because they can be added to, changed or edited at any time.

18. Email Program details to:

19. Photographs (either digital or paper) of activities should be provided, where possible, to the IOC Secretary (Darryl Sharp) to add to the archive of club photos, and to the Editor of Out & About (Colin Wilton) for inclusion in Out & About. Paper photos can be scanned and returned to the contributor in original condition.

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