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The following items are the rules that help to make our functions so enjoyable and easy for club members to run.

1. Members wishing to participate in an activity that is listed on the program shall enter their name on the activity sheet at the meeting or phone the Activity Leader listed on the program as soon as is practical.

2. Any member unable to attend an activity they had booked is required to call the Activity Leader and let them know as early as possible.

3. If a member can not attend a function that required prepayment by the Activity Leader, and that position can not be re-sold to another member, the member who made the booking will be required to pay for that booking. Where ever possible members are asked to pay for any tickets at the time of booking with the Activity Leader or Organiser.

4. When a member invites the club into their home a thank you donation of $2:00 per head will be made by the attending members & guests, to cover any out of pocket expenses. When a member is providing extras for the club a charge to cover costs will be listed on the program in addition to the $2:00.

5. For some events where travel is involved, car pooling may be used. The cost of the fuel used will be divided by the number of passengers and that will be the passenger cost. Family members are to be counted as passengers.



  • 1 driver plus drivers partner and 1 other passenger travel from Wollongong to Berry (& return) to attend an IOC activity.

  • The distance travelled is 63km each way.

  • The driver estimates the fuel usage at 10 litres per 100km.

  • Fuel cost is currently $1.50 per litre.

Therefore the cost per passenger would be:

  • Wollongong to Berry & return = 126km divided by 100 = 1.26 hundred kilometres x 10 litres = 12.6 litres used. (Round up/down to nearest litre = 13L)

  • 13 litres X $1.50 per litre = $19.50 divided by 2 (the number of passengers) = $9.75 to be paid by each passenger.

  • The driver's contribution is wear and tear on the vehicle plus registration, insurance and other running costs.

6. Children are welcome at any event so long as that event is suitable for children.

7. No person shall engage in any money raising activity (e.g. sales of art / craft work etc or fund raising whether for charity or personal gain) at an IOC event, without prior agreement of the committee. Inclusion of a money raising activity on the monthly programme is implicit agreement of the Committee and is acceptable.

8. All activities submitted for inclusion in the monthly program must be approved by the Executive Committee. If any dispute arises the Executive Committee decision will stand and is final.

9. The Committee reserves the right to veto any activity by a majority vote of all available Committee members.

10. Any event with an individuals cost of greater than $100 or an overall cost of greater than $2000 must be approved by the Executive Committee prior to being added to the program.

11. All monies collected from members and guests at Restaurants, and other venues, to pay for their meals, should be paid in cash to the Restaurant or other venue on the same day. Accounts should not be paid by Credit Card as this has a cost to the restaurateur. Generally, Restaurant owners have agreed to give the club members some type of discount, due to the number of people, and it is normal practice to pay in cash.

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